2 mins to know why Taiwanese protest to Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement

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Beyond doubt, the protestation against ECFA is the most important thing in Taiwan now.

ECFA is the trade argument between Taiwan and China. The first problem of ECFA is that the process of the negotiating and creating ECFA is OPAQUE, and it deviates from the normal procedure. I can’t understand why the government can ignore laws and public opinion.

The second is the problem of INEQUALITY. The relation between Taiwan and China is complex not only  in politic but also in economic. history and culture. The government assert that there’re enough estimation even though they only take few months to decide such the important thing ,and they also assert that ECFA is useful. helpful and necessary, but we don’t believe because we can’t trust the production of the opaque haste procedure.

Besides previous 2 problem, the detail of ECFA deserve more attention and discussion. That’s why Taiwanese protest to Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement.

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One of the most biggest online information center in Taiwan: PTT (part1)

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PTT is the biggest forum in Taiwan. It’s a kind of  BBS (Bulletin Board System),  it use simple technology and someone would think it is out of fashion, but this is why it takes comparatively fewer memory so that it can run more faster and process more information. For example, when you want to know if your computer connect to the Internet or not, just open PTT. It doesn’t need to download something to show the page and even the program to open PTT takes hundreds of KB.

The user interface on PTT just needs keyboard. You can easily and quickly completed reading, replying, posting and leaving a message without mouse.

Though PTT shows only characters but not pictures, the users can also compose images with characters, even make an animation. The following is the sample of the picture composed with characters.

螢幕截圖 2014-01-14 03.20.42

Cause it’s faster and easy to use, it become the biggest forum in Taiwan. Now, there are more than  2 millions of user register to PTT and every day about 200 thousand users log in. It can serves 175,000 users in the same time and this number will be bigger. (6 years ago, the limit is 60,000 users.) When I post this article, its am 4:00 in Taiwan but there are sill 50,500 users online.

There are thousands of discussion boards on PTT. Every topic you know can be find on PTT. For example, there’re “WomenTalk”& “MenTalk”, “Boy-Girl” for relationship and “marriage” for marriage, “catch” for courting boyfriends/girlfriends and “esahc” for girls to courting boyfriends. Tall people have “TallClub” and short people have “ShortClub”, and others discussion boards for fat people and thin people. Games like TOS, LOL and WOW of course get an own board. American drama, Taiwanese drama, Korean drama and Japanese drama get their own board too. Others like “Homemaker”, “DSLR”, “photographer”, “Photo”, “Lifeismoney”(for save moneys and buy cheaper goods) , “CFP”(Certified Financial Planner)  , “FITNESS”, “Road_Running”, “MuscleBeach”, “media-chaos”…it’s too much to list!!!!

Now you know what PTT is. I want to tell you what, why, how the important the PTT is in Taiwan but I have spent more than 2 hrs on this article, and I want to sleep…… So, it’s to be continude and see you next time 😛

Happy New Year!!! But…

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Every new year eve since 2004, the celebration includes a firework show and a big concert in Taipei 101, and  other city governments held simultaneous concerts to share in the wonderful firework. There are at least 4 concerts in this small island last night.

But do you know that the cost of those one-night activities are 15 times much  than one-year budget of  a county school?

Do we really need to celebrate in this way?

It’s a blog about Taiwan and Taiwanese

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At the mention of Taiwan, someone thinks about Thailand, and others don’t know about it. In fact,Taiwan is the first democratic republic in Asia  and  has a complex history with China.Maybe you can know something from wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taiwan

It’s nothing interesting if I just talk about what wiki said. What I really want to do is share something local and doesn’t show on the international stage, for example ,the special but unknown local delicious food ,or the controversial issue about marriage of LGBTSQQ.

In this blog, I will share every interesting including little things and big issues, and please feel free  to let me know if you want to know anything else about Taiwan.

OK, here we go!!